How Ephesus was Settled

Greek mythology tells us that Ephesus was established by Androklos, the son of Kodros, the King of Athens. He and his friends were on the move to Anatolia, and were having a hard time deciding exactly where they should establish a new city.  As the story goes, an Apollon oracle told him that a wild boar, a fire and a fish would guide him to the site of the new settlement when he consulted the oracle, unsure of where to build the new settlement.

One day, Androklos and his friends were cooking fish on a fire, when one of the fish flew from the pan into the bushes.  The bushes caught on fire, and at that moment and wild boar ran out, trying to escape the fire.  Androklos chased and then killed the boar, and then, remembering the prophecy of the oracles, built his new settlement on this location which was about 1200m west of the Temple of Artemis.

He then went on to rule Ephesus, however died in a war with the Carians.  The Ephesians built a mausoleum in memory of their first king.


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