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The tour with licensed tour guide, Oktay (aka Octavius the Great 😉 was very enlightening and entertaining… He was very caring and patient, explaining with great details the sites we visited such as Pamukkale and Aphrodisias, and also Pergamum.  The sights were amazing, especially at Pamukkale (Cotton Castle).  As it can get quite sunny and hot during the day, a bottle of water or two is a must.  Oktay helped us to take really great shots of Aphrodisias too, offering vivid descriptions of the background and history of the attractions and relics we visited.  (He even recommended a great local restaurant at Selcuk, which we really enjoyed).  He spoke excellent English and we even chatted in German.  All in all it was a fantastic experience with Oktay and I’m sure everyone would enjoy the informative explanations on top of the jovial company. Cheers Oktay!

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