5 Must Try Turkish Drinks

1.  Raki – Ask most Turkish people what the national alcoholic drink of Turkey is and most will tell you it is Raki.   It is an aniseed-flavoured distilled alcoholic drink made from grapes, figs and plums. Thought to have been in existence for around 300 years, its origins...
Turkish coffee being served at home

On Engagement and Coffee

Every country has its traditional customs around engagement and marriage, and engagement in Turkey is no different.  Although times are rapidly changing, today as you drive through some small rural villages, you may see glass bottles placed on the roof of the house. This is a...
Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Once discovered by the Ottomans, Turkish coffee became such an important feature of palace life, that a position of Chief Coffee Maker (kahvecibasi) was created by the palace. The tradition of Turkish coffee is believed to date back to 1555 when it was introduced to the palace in...